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Testing & Monitoring

Continuous Mercury Monitors for Real-Time Evaluation and Testing of Control Technologies

Method 30B (Mercury Trap) Testing and Thermal Analysis for On-site RATA Testing

FTIR Instrument for Multi-Gas Analysis, including HCl, SO3, H2SO4, SO2, NOx and NH3

Mercury Control Optimization and Tuning 

    • Propose, design and execute a complete mercury control optimization plan specific to plant/boiler/fuel
    • Determine optimum sorbents and chemistry available from several competing vendors
    • Design and run a full-scale test program to directly compare the best alternate sorbents and technologies
    • Report on the most robust and economic approach to achieve and maintain mercury compliance
    • Self-fund optimization and tuning programs for future share of cost savings
    • Provide an all-in-one test program support, test plan design, equipment, testing, real-time evaluation and operation 

Mercury control optimization and tuning has reduced sorbent utilization in excess of 50%, which has resulted in cost savings of over $1.5 million per year. The optimization program cost is typically less than $150,000 resulting in 2-3 month payback and savings.

E1E's level of involvement has produced a degree of expertise that can be applied to your system performance. Combined staffing with experienced personnel provides the best results, at significant cost savings.

Dry Sorbent Injection Equipment and Lance Systems

    • Maintain and operate four portable gravimetric base portable injection systems
    • Design, build and supply portable and permanent installation sorbent injection systems and custom design injection grids
    • Perform on-site evaluation and troubleshooting of sorbent injection systems

Bromine and Halogen Addition to Fuel

    • E1E is extensively experienced and maintains chemical metering pumps to provide demonstration and emergency equipment supply of liquid halogens for mercury oxidation.
    • E1E mercury monitors are exceptional and capable at operating in high dust load and high temperature duct locations needed to tune and optimize injection chemistry for maximum capture vs. economic benefit.

Additional Services Offered:

  • Mercury Process Monitors
  • Test Plan Development

  • Test Management Services

  • Vapor Phase Selenium Measurements

  • Lab Service

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