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Technology Development

Instrumentation, Methodology Development and Applications

  • Developed and built real-time mercury monitors and gas sample extraction systems. These systems are robust, reliable and able to provide critical measurements of total, oxidized mercury in high dust and high temperature environments for optimizing mercury capture performance.
  • E1E employees were on the EPRI sponsored team that developed the current EPA Method 30B Mercury Trap Measurement program.
  • In collaboration with EPRI, E1E developed the Rapid Sorbent Validation Protocol (RSVP) used for both laboratory and field evaluation of sorbents (mercury, selenium, SO2) in real world conditions.

Pilot Scale Design and Demonstration

  • E1E has designed and operated small scale pilot systems for evaluating existing and advances filtration systems in industrial gas streams.
  • EPRI Multi-Pollution Control Test System (PoCT) used to evaluate and optimize gas component control technologies in combination with fabric filter particulate control systems.
  • EPRI Pilot Electrostatic Precipitator (Pilot-ESP), 160 ACFM system used to evaluate ESP particulate capture performance and dry sorbent technologies for both sulfur dioxide and mercury control. 

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