PMscreen is a technology developed by E1E in partnership with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). E1E personnel worked with EPRI on concepts for low-cost, low-footprint retrofit technologies to improve particulate capture performance for electrostatic precipitators struggling to meet environmental compliance limits.

Initial research and development work focused on lab and bench-scale testing of a wide range of concepts with promise to enhance particulate capture while limiting pressure drop across a retrofit collection device. Evaluation of various electrodes to impart additional electrical charge to particles combined with novel filtration media resulted in several concepts that held promise.

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The next phase of PMscreen development was a pilot-scale test unit, designed and built by E1E personnel that could be utilized to evaluate novel particulate capture concepts using flue gas from an operating coal fired utility boiler.

Using the pilot test unit to evaluate a range of filtration media and electrical charging concepts resulted in the development of a moving belt filter that could be installed downstream of an ESP with performance issues to enhance overall capture with minimal increase in the overall pressure drop across the particulate control device. The results from the small-scale pilot unit were used to design and build a 1 MWe proof of concept demonstration unit.

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The demonstration unit highlighted several areas where engineering issues needed to be resolved with the technology before continuous, long-term operation was possible. E1E engineers developed robust solutions to each of the encountered engineering hurdles to solve the issue and improve the overall design of PMscreen. In its final form, the PMscreen demonstration unit was tested for nearly a full year proving the feasibility of the PMscreen technology to reliably and continuously improve particulate capture for units equipped with ESPs struggling to meet particulate emissions limits.

The technology is under consideration for full-scale implementation by utilities within the United States and the technology has been adapted for use in industrial boilers as well.

The PMscreen technology is a perfect example of how E1E has developed its reputation for engineering acumen and excellence. Our personnel were tasked to investigate an industry issue and developed a range of possible solutions that showed promise in laboratory evaluations. The set of potential solutions developed during laboratory testing were evaluated on actual flue gas using a small pilot unit. The lessons of the pilot unit were used to design and develop the demonstration unit to evaluate the technology at scale and for long duration continuous operation. Challenges encountered at each stage of technology development were evaluated by E1E and industry partners and solved by application of engineering experience and innovation. The result was the successful demonstration of a technology developed to solve a particular problem.

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