​Halogen on Demand (HOD)


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Halogen on Demand was a developmental technology conceived by EPRI in cooperation with E1E, as a method of adding halogen species to coal combustion flue gas to enhance mercury capture. The technology was developed in the E1E laboratory facilities and included evaluating different feed sources of halogens. 

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The technology successfully demonstrated the capability to produce halogen laden gas streams early on during development. However, the true value of the HoD development work came from testing the synthesized halogen gas with simulated flue gas. While the goal of HoD being a replacement or an improvement upon halogen addition within the boiler, the laboratory testing effort yielded a wealth of information regarding the chemistry and interactions between halogen species and other common flue gas components.

The developmental efforts on HoD did not result in a practical commercial technology; however, due to diligent test planning and innovative deployment of instrumentation and monitoring the program was considered a success. Not every technology that comes through the E1E lab ends up a total success but through the application of sound engineering principals and innovative thinking, HoD resulted in a boon of knowledge useful to industry.

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