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Engineering Expertise

E1E's engineers and technicians are grounded in real-world experience and prides itself on taking a project from conception to design to implementation. As such, its experience includes the lessons and know-how to provide successful projects once encountering the world outside the laboratory or the design studio.

E1E has a proven track record of bringing value and expertise to complex and intricate problems. Problem solvers at heart, E1E's engineers and staff strive to provide innovative, functional and cost-effective solutions. Whether reviewing an existing installation or developing a solution from the ground up, E1E has the experience needed to provide positive outcomes.

Services Offered:

  • Engineering Reviews and Consulting Services
  • Expert Testimony and Litigation Support
  • Automation and Control Design
  • Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Pilot System Design for Filtration, Pollution Control, and Chemical Processes

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