Element 1 Engineering, Inc.

Remaining innovative towards the future


Our Story

The Beginning

Element 1 Engineering, Inc. (E1E) was founded in 2011, with the purpose of providing high level research and consulting services, focusing on emission control in the coal fired power generation industry. E1E has built an excellent reputation in the industry by providing high quality measurements in difficult applications, while maintaining its independence and protecting client confidentiality. 

A Little Background

E1E has conducted many research projects for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). These projects have allowed E1E to maintain its position at the leading edge of knowledge, as well as, the development and application of new technologies in the industry.

Along with providing outstanding, unrivaled services for many years, E1E has been able to grow in new capabilities, while remaining true to the core values that has always made E1E stand apart from others. E1E is dedicated to developing and advancing research and consulting services in all industries in the future.

The Basics

E1E is a privately owned, Colorado based Corporation located in Englewood, Colorado (southwest Denver metro). E1E maintains a combination office/laboratory/fabrication space that allows for on-site testing and fabrication of equipment and systems. 

E1E has successfully completed field test and demonstration programs throughout the lower 48 U.S. states and two Canada provinces. E1E has three mobile field test trailers, six mercury continuous monitors, four portable sorbent injection systems and an inventory of EPA method sampling equipment to support test and evaluation programs.

Mission Statement

Element 1 Engineering (E1E) is committed to providing high quality, unbiased and independent services to our customers. E1E seeks to continue its leadership position in a rapidly advancing environmental and energy sectors. The basis of our business is placed with satisfied clients, while providing an ideal work atmosphere for our employees.

Vision Statement

Due to our commitment for a better future in air quality management, we value nothing less than performing at a high level of expertise with integrity and credibility. Our willingness to grow and evolve alongside our customers’ changing needs, lays the foundation in building confidential and consistent relationships. Although specialized in its origin, E1E remains innovative towards the future.