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Welcome to Element 1 Engineering, Inc.

Element 1 Engineering, Inc. (E1E) is a full service engineering company, uniquely qualified to help our clients overcome all of the challenges associated with industrial pollution control and monitoring. The engineers at E1E lead the industry in the field of mercury measurements and control, while continually developing novel control technologies to address future regulations.

In addition to industrial pollution control, E1E continues to grow into a diverse company serving the many various needs of our clients. E1E is continuing to build on its excellent reputation, while offering engineering consulting services, technology development and prototyping services, along with expert witness and litigation support.

E1E strives to take on your most challenging problems. 

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Core Competencies

Mercury Control Technology

Testing & Monitoring Services

Engineering Review & Consulting

Technology Development & Prototyping

Test Plan Design & Management

Lab / Pilot Scale System Design & Construction

Test Method Development

Dry Sorbent Injection System Design / Evaluation / Supply

Particulate Capture / Filtration Technology Development

Material Conveying & Distribution

Instrumentation Development / Application

Automation & Controls Design

Data Acquisition / Analysis

Expert Testimony & Litigation Support